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  • Apple Watch Charger Boost Apple Watch Charger Boost
  • Apple Watch Charger Boost Apple Watch Charger Boost

Universal USB Qi Charging stand.


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Apple Watch Charger Boost

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Apple Watch Charger Boost
€ 79,00


The Xtorm Apple Watch Charger Boost is the perfect solution to charging your Apple Watch. In addition this handy charger can also supply other mobile devices with extra power..

The Apple Watch Charger has an internal battery of 4000mAh. That is enough power to recharge an Apple Watch up to six times. When the Charger battery is empty, it can be easily recharged via USB or through the regular electricity supply.

The Apple Watch Charger is fitted with an LED power indicator, which shows how much power is still left. By simply pressing the on/off button, the Charger starts or stops charging. Your Apple Watch can be wirelessly charged when laid on the Charger, and the USB port can be used to charge a smartphone or other mobile device.

Being compact and lightweight, the Charger Boost is easy to carry with you. With this handy Apple Watch Charger, you always have a backup battery to hand and you can recharge your Apple Watch and other mobile devices, anywhere and at any time!


Soort Aplle charger
Gewicht (gram) 0.100
Voltage 5Volt
Amperage 3100mAh
Afmetingen 15.5x7.1x1.5cm
Verpakking 1
Verpakkingsaantal 1
Andere codes Xtorm